Elara Remote Desktop Services

Wanting to access your office desktop from anywhere?
Elara Remote Desktop can seamlessly allow just that.

Elara Remote Desktop puts your desktop in reach wherever you are.

What benefits will Elara Remote Desktop bring to your business?

One Desktop Everywhere

Elara Remote Desktop Services allow users to access the same desktop space used at the office, anywhere. Whether this is on a tablet, laptop or home PC all user data will be available just how it was left.

Live Data Entry

Remote desktop Services brings the ability of remote data entry eliminating wasted time typing up meeting notes and data entry into your business systems at a later date.

Hardware Cost Saving

Harnessing the power of powerful servers means your business will no longer require high powered desktop PCs. Instead thin client devices can be used in the office environment. To discuss cost savings in relation to your business get in touch.

The Elara Technology Group offer 'Pay As You Go' on almost all of their services. Elara Pay As You Go allows businesses access to enterprise grade service without facing initial fees and obligations like setup charges, minimum term agreements and licencing costs. Get in contact today to learn more.