Elara Hosted Backup

93% of businesses that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year.*

*Research from the British Chambers of Commerce brings the risk of data loss home.

What will Elara Hosted Backup bring to your business?

Minimised Data Loss

All data allocated for backup is automatically uploaded to our secure systems with optional email confirmation for extra peace at mind. Data upload times are strategically chosen with the customer in line with working hours and practice to ensure minimal data loss should the worst happen.

Protection Against Ransomware

With the surge of ransomware attacks over the past 3 years it is becoming more and more important to secure your business critical data offsite and away from the prying eyes of attackers. Speak to an Elara Technical Consultant today about how we can put protection in place against ransomware.

Modern Storage Medium

When storing business critical data both speed and reliability are essential storage medium attributes. All Elara Hosted Backup services are SSD backed as standard meaning low latency data access and extra resilience when compared against it's hard disk counterparts.

Key Features:


Complex backup solutions are often unreliable. Keep yours simple with Elara. Automated and monitored file backup removes the risk of human error.

Quick Restore

Data can often be restored at first contact with an Elara engineer. Physical data transfer is also included with backup services for large capacity data transfers.

Single file

With the flexibility of Elara Hosted Backup services, single file restoration can be completed in seconds in cases such as overwritten, corrupt and accidentally deleted files.

The Elara Technology Group offer 'Pay As You Go' on almost all of their services. Elara Pay As You Go allows businesses access to enterprise grade service without facing initial fees and obligations like setup charges, minimum term agreements and licencing costs. Get in contact today to learn more.