Elara Constellation

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service

Business as usual,
as soon as possible.

Elara Constellation Services cover all the basis when it comes to DRaaS. While traditional backup systems take snapshots of your data once per day, Elara Constellation works continuously, replicating virtual machines and applications allowing failover to be totally automated. In the event of an outage only seconds of data will be lost (RTO) and down time will be a maximum of 15 minutes (RTO).

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What is RPO?

RPO or Recovery Point Objective is the maximum amount of data loss possible taking into account the time since last backup.

What is RTO?

RTO or Recovery Time Objective is the amount of time taken to complete the recovery process from recovery initiation to business-as-usual.

Do you need a DR solution?

Every business who relies on technology to ensure business continuity should have a disaster recovery solution in place.

The Elara Technology Group offer 'Pay As You Go' on almost all of their services. Elara Pay As You Go allows businesses access to enterprise grade service without facing initial fees and obligations like setup charges, minimum term agreements and licencing costs. Get in contact today to learn more.