Elara 4G Cellular Failover

Compatible with new and existing connections.

Provide backup for currently unreliable services or redundancy for new and existing connections.

What will an Elara 4G Cellular Failover solution bring to your business?

Unreliable Service Protection

If your business is currently suffering from intermittent connectivity issues with another ISP an Elara 4G Cellular Failover solution can help fill the gaps in service.

Zero Interaction Failover

4G Cellular Failover solutions provided by Elara are configured to detect outage and automatically switch over without any human interaction.

Cost Effective Redundancy

Elara 4G Cellular Failover solutions provide a highly cost effective way of ensuring connectivity redundancy. Annual solution costs are often offset after only 3 hours of main connection downtime.

The Elara Technology Group offer 'Pay As You Go' on almost all of their services. Elara Pay As You Go allows businesses access to enterprise grade service without facing initial fees and obligations like setup charges, minimum term agreements and licencing costs. Get in contact today to learn more.